About Rivier

We bring mobility together.


What it is that we do? Connecting mobility providers and MaaS providers through a technical B2B platform. We make it as easy as possible for travellers to plan, book and pay for their personalised journey.

But our mission goes beyond that. We offer a smart answer to the increasing crowds in the Netherlands. Ensure better utilisation of existing transportation options and infrastructure. Make sustainable travel even more attractive.

We are Rivier

Rivier is the go-to partner for mobility providers & MaaS providers

Providers of mobility services can easily offer their travel options to a wider audience through Rivier.

MaaS providers can use Rivier to add several mobility providers, e.g. shared cars & scooters, bikes and public transportation, to their app at once. This saves time and resources because it eliminates the need to connect each mobility provider to the app on a one-to-one basis.

Independent, neutral & transparent

At Rivier, we like to keep things transparent. Our platform is open to all parties who meet our minimum requirements. They can join the platform in a low-threshold manner thanks to our neutral algorithms. Rivier innovates and facilitates in connecting mobility providers and MaaS providers. In doing so we take an impartial, objective role.

The platform does not have to distribute profits to shareholders. We do need to break even however. We divide the usage costs among the connected MaaS providers based on purchase quantity. We charge connection fees on a cost basis. And the profits? We invest those in the continued development of the platform so we can make Rivier even better. This is how we are shaping the future of Mobility as a Service.

The ‘founding fathers’ are working together in a separate entity to ensure the privacy of all parties involved and affiliated partners.

Collaboration and ecosystem

In other words: who has what role within Rivier?

Mobility providers

Can make their transportation services available to the platform so travellers can use these via their preferred MaaS provider's app.

MaaS providers

Offer travellers the ability to plan, book and pay for a journey using various modes of transportation through an app or travel planner. A MaaS provider can also play a role as a mobility provider at the same time.

End users

Also known as travellers. Can use MaaS providers' apps to plan, book and pay for customised travel products from different mobility providers all at once.


Handles the operation of the platform, connects new parties and promotes and oversees further development.

Siemens Mobility

Builds and manages the platform for Rivier that makes it technically possible to plan, book and pay for a customised trip using different modes of transportation. Siemens makes APIs available to MaaS providers in which the various functionalities can be purchased bundled or separately.