Mobility providers

Joining forces to make the Netherlands more accessible.

Joining forces to make the Netherlands
more accessible.

The joy of a barrier-free door-to-door journey.

What if we all used transportation resources and infrastructure in a smarter way? What if we found a sustainable solution to cope with the ever-increasing congestion in the Netherlands? Rivier turns imagination into reality.

Rivier helps mobility providers join forces. All mobility-related services are welcome. Are you a transport provider or do you offer additional mobility solutions like parking and e-charging? Get connected!

The benefits
of Rivier

Greater reach

Greater reach through visibility in the apps of affiliated MaaS providers. Larger market = higher sales.

More options

More options for travellers to combine your company's mobility offer with other travel options - resulting in a seamless travel experience.


A quick and hassle-free way to connect to the apps of all of your preferred MaaS providers in one go instead of one at a time.


Boost your visibility by automatically showing up in the search results for all areas where you offer your mobility services.

In short: Rivier saves mobility providers both time and money. Your service becomes more attractive to a larger number of travellers whilst you lean back and enjoy increased revenue.

Over the past few years people have started demanding (or even expecting) more and more flexibility when it comes to travelling. We want to choose how we get from door to door on a moment-by-moment basis. An important link was still missing to make this a viable reality: the digital integration of planning, booking and paying for as many modes of transportation as possible.

Rivier offers the solution we have all been looking for.

At Rivier, we are all about quality and transparency. This is how we bring mobility together.


Determine offerings

We determine what services you want to offer and to whom. You meet our minimum requirements.



Together with our technical partner Siemens we work our magic to integrate your offer in the MaaS provider’s app as quickly as possible.


Agree on pricing

You -together with the MaaS provider– decide on the pricing, terms and conditions of your services. Rivier gets a cost-covering fee for unlocking the full potential of your services.

What others are saying

Rivier currently has 14 affiliated mobility providers. These range from shared scooters to (cargo) bikes and from water taxis to public transportation. New parties are added every month.

When will you get connected?

Connection to Rivier

Rivier brings together mobility providers and MaaS providers on one platform. This requires a certain setup to ensure the best possible interaction between users and to be able to scale quickly when needed. That’s why Rivier works with standardised building blocks and APIs. In the language of Mobility as a Service, we refer to these as the TOMP API.

This is a standardised and technical interface specifically developed for mobility providers and MaaS providers. It bundles a set of agreements on how data is shared between all parties involved. The API is an open standard and is being developed in a TOMP working group with public and private parties. Even if your company has not (yet) developed a TOMP API, but uses another interface, you are welcome to join Rivier.

Rivier provides two APIs to bring together the services of mobility providers and MaaS providers:

  1. Rivier Travel planner API – allows planning complex trips with a variety of transportation options. Combines public transportation with shared and private transportation and provides information on availability, usage, price and route.
  2. Rivier Sales platform API – the solution for booking and paying for customised trips.
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Win een Golden Ticket


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Win een Golden Ticket


Hoera, je hebt een letter gevonden!

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Hoera, je hebt een letter gevonden!

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Hoera, je hebt een letter gevonden!

Win een Golden Ticket


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