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River connects mobility providers and MaaS providers. Our technical platform offers the largest scope of features – against a competitive price. We’d be happy to discuss all possibilities with you during a demo.

Good to know: Our platform is open to all parties who meet our minimum requirements. Rivier uses neutral algorithms, does not have to pass along profits to shareholders and takes an impartial, objective role.

What can you

Connecting to Rivier in a nutshell


We get to know each other and show you all the functionalities of Rivier during a demo. We'll get specific about the options and investment for your business.


You get your own login credentials and access to Rivier's API documentation. We link the technical SPOC of MaaS providers to Rivier's technical SPOC and take care of the technical integration.


As a MaaS provider you decide which functionalities you need. We elaborate on these and get to work on any customisation requests.

Go, go, go!

One press of a button - that's all it takes to connect to all the services of your chosen mobility providers. Let's celebrate and explore new horizons with all the new exciting features and modality options that await you. Say hi to your new customers!

Rivier takes Mobility as a Service to the next level. We are the go-to independent Dutch B2B platform that digitally connects different modes of transportation. Hassle-free, of course. With Rivier it’s easier to plan, book and pay for your customised journey.

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