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How far along is MaaS in the Netherlands?

Stadszaken, March 10, 2022

Within the mobility landscape of the Netherlands, we are increasingly talking about Mobility As A Service. This is the emerging service where the traveller can plan, book, and pay for the entire trip through one app. There are already quite a few apps on the market. What added value do they provide for travellers, and what is yet to come?

Interview BNR Mobility

BNR Mobility, April 11, 2022

We want to be a solution for all of the Netherlands - not only at a regional level or in the big cities. We really want a very broad coverage, both in terms of geography and modes of transport.

Joep Hendriks, CEO Rivier

To offer a complete MaaS package, we also provide route planning for users' own (private) car and bicycle. These will continue to play an important role in the MaaS landscape including for first and last miles.

Joep Hendriks, CEO Rivier

MaaS platform River aims to remove barriers

Verkeersnet, April 21, 2022

Combining all different modes of transport in an accessible and easy way – that is the goal of the public MaaS platform Rivier. “The doors to the store have been opened” since the beginning of this month, says director Joep Hendriks. “We can facilitate the digital side of the MaaS journey by making it more efficient and removing barriers.”

MaaS in the Netherlands

Intertraffic World, Annual Showcase 2022

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) aims to take stress out of multimodal travel, thereby reducing private car use and increasing transit ridership. Although the idea has been around for 15 years, it’s taken time to catch on. Now the Dutch are determined to make it mainstream, sparking an exciting competition among providers.

In imagery, River is often portrayed as a B2B-level "power strip," to which carriers on the one hand and MaaS providers on the other hand can "plug in". In that metaphor, we just need to plug in. This is no easy task, because while the platform is proven technology, connecting transportation operators and MaaS providers - each with their own IT architecture - is a custom job.

Joep Hendriks, CEO Rivier

MaaS platform River aims to be catalyst

OV Magazine, June 10, 2021

The brand new director of the MaaS platform Rivier, Joep Hendriks, sees Rivier as a catalyst for the development of flexibly shareable modalities. He also refutes criticism on the platform. Rivier will share its technology via open standards with participants in the MaaS pilots, among others.