Frequently Asked Questions

With the answers.

No. Rivier is a technical platform which focuses on mobility providers and MaaS providers. B2B, in other words. We do not provide our services directly to end users and therefore do not have our own app that travellers can download from the Apple Store or via Google Play.

We do offer MaaS providers a white label app with all the functionality of Rivier.

Yes, with some nuances. Here we go:

Rivier connects mobility providers and MaaS providers. Mobility providers deliver various forms of transportation (bicycles, shared scooters, subway, train, etc.) and facilities such as parking or charging stations. They all do so within their own region. So, for example, you can travel from Amsterdam to Haarlem using Felyx’s scooters, but you can’t use BAQME’s cargo bikes for the same route. Simply because they do not operate in that region.

No. Rivier is an independent company that offers the same opportunities to all interested parties and charges equal cost recovery rates for doing so.

River was born out of a collaboration between NS, RET and HTM. They saw opportunities to take Mobility as a Service a step further and make it easier for travellers. They are happy to invest in Rivier to actually make this possible.

Rivier was approved by the ACM (Consumer and Market Authority) in mid-2020. If you really want to know the ins and outs, read their approval decision.

Mobility providers pay a cost-recovery fee to unlock their services.

MaaS providers pay for the platform based on usage.

With our cost-plus model, we guarantee the continuity of the platform. We share the costs as equally as possible among the affiliated parties. Future profits are directly reinvested to further improve the platform. We don’t have shareholders who see us as a cash cow.

During a demo we gladly show you the investment (and savings!) for your business.

Everything. And yet again, nothing.

Rivier makes it easier to plan, book and pay for a trip using multiple modes of transportation. People do that according to their personal preferences at that specific time. If you want to take the kids to Scheveningen for a day, you might opt for a cargo bike. If you have a conference in a seaside hotel the following week and it’s raining cats and dogs, you might prefer to take the streetcar or bus for the same route that time.

It’s the society as a whole that benefits. Existing modes of transportation are better utilised and it becomes attractive to choose sustainable transportation options. This is how we make the Netherlands more accessible while reducing pressure on inner cities. There is a turnaround from possession to use. Rivier is the logical answer to this changing need.

The traveller won’t notice anything related to the technical integration, of course. MaaS providers continue to use their own app or opt for the white label app from Rivier that is fully customisable to their own corporate identity.

Yes indeed! Tell us a little more about yourself, your field of study and/or research in an email. We will see what opportunities we have available at that time.