MaaS providers

Using existing modes of transportation and infrastructure in a smarter way.

The future of
Mobility as a Service

Taking intermodal travel to the next level. Using existing modes of transportation and infrastructure in a smarter way. Contributing to a sustainable solution to cope with the ever-increasing congestion in the Netherlands.

MaaS providers can help shape the future of intermodal travel. All parties offering travel planning, booking and payment in the Netherlands through an app or travel planner are welcome to join.

Rivier makes it possible

More options

Your customers will have more options to combine modes of transportation and related services for their ideal trip. You can combine your services with other modalities in the most favourable way.


The next level in offering barrier-free travel based on personal preferences such as speed, price, CO2 emissions and even calories burned.


Your one-stop shop to connect to all the transportation services of your preferred affiliated mobility providers at once.


The Rivier platform is a modular platform. You pick the modules that you need to grow your business. Our account management tool, ID verification module and PSP speed up your workflow, saving you time & money. Did you know we also offer a white label app ?

In short, Rivier offers customised solutions for MaaS providers. This will make your offer more attractive to a broader audience. The platform saves you time and money.


What makes Rivier the best choice for MaaS providers.


Routing between the desired point of departure and arrival, showing the possible & available transportation options from both private providers and public carriers.


Making it possible to book various mobility options and secure a reservation where applicable.

Payments & Payment Service Provider

Rivier provides a payment reference for bookings so that MaaS providers can handle online payments. You can also make these payments securely and smoothly through Rivier's payment service provider.


Issuing barcode tickets for all forms of public transport from parties connected to the Rivier platform.

Location & availability

View the exact location and availability of shared modalities. This feature is essential for offering your customers a 'near me functionality'.

Account Management

Always up to date and up to speed thanks to a CRM module containing the services of Rivier and any other parties.

White label app

All of Rivier's services in an app that is completely customisable in terms of branding and design. The perfect solution for MaaS providers who do not yet have their own traveller app.

ID verification

Rest assured new users really are who they claim to be. Indispensable when onboarding customers.

Rivier: the missing link

The Dutch have become used to travelling in a more flexible way. We want to choose how we get from door to door on a moment-by-moment basis. An important link was still missing: the digital integration of planning, booking and paying for as many modes of transportation as possible. These are crucial in covering the first and/or last part of your journey in a way that suits you at that specific moment.

Rivier offers the solution we have all been looking for.

At Rivier, we are all about quality and transparency. This is how we bring mobility together.


Determine offerings

We determine what mobility services from which parties you want to offer. No app of your own? Our white label app is fully customisable. Small check beforehand: do you meet our minimum requirements?



Together with our technical partner Siemens we make sure that all services of the selected mobility providers are quickly available in your own app or the white label app.


Agree on pricing

All set to let your end users plan, book and pay for their barrier-free door-to-door trip. Rivier charges connected MaaS providers on a pay-per-use system.

Ready to roll?

These are some of the MaaS providers that have already joined Rivier. They offer their end users multimodal mobility options through their own app or our white label app.

Let's get connected!

Our APIs

You speak tech? So do we.

You speak tech?
So do we.

Our APIs allow MaaS providers to add a wide range of mobility options to their own app at once. The benefits? More options for your customers & a broader audience at your fingertips. All without costing you any time or effort! This is how we take Mobility as a Service to the next level.

These are our APIs:

  1. Rivier Travel planner API – allows planning complex trips with a variety of transportation options. Combines public transportation with shared and private transportation and provides information on availability, usage, price and route.
  2. Rivier Sales platform API – the solution for booking and paying for customised trips.

White label app

Want to get active in the world of Mobility as a Service but don’t have your own traveller app yet? No problem. One of Rivier’s unique features is our white label app.

With the white label app, you can get all the services we offer through our APIs, such as scheduling, booking, payment, ticketing, account management, ID verification etc.

And it gets even better: we can design the white label app completely to your liking. This way the app seamlessly matches your company’s branding.

The white label app is the easiest and quickest way to become active as a MaaS provider because the app (unlike customer native apps) is already fully aligned with Rivier’s services.

And even if you already have your own traveller app, Rivier’s white label app might just be the solution you’ve been looking for. For example, you can launch new features as pilots before incorporating them into your own ‘flagship app’.
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Hoera, je hebt een letter gevonden!

Win een Golden Ticket


Hoera, je hebt een letter gevonden!

Win een Golden Ticket


Hoera, je hebt een letter gevonden!

Win een Golden Ticket


Hoera, je hebt een letter gevonden!

Win een Golden Ticket


Hoera, je hebt een letter gevonden!

Win een Golden Ticket


Hoera, je hebt een letter gevonden!